Ronel Constantin

Ronel Constantin

Chicago, IL, US


Sephora Pop-UP Retail Design

The source of inspiration for my design comes from the change in rhythm of shapes throughout the female figure. The curvature of the female form gives way to the architectural structure of the store.
Inside, we find the three essentials of the beauty retail which are make-up, fragrance and skin care products. These essentials became three separate destinations designed to accommodate the traffic flow of customers browsing products. Not only will that beauty product physically be there, but there will also be touch screen monitors included in each section to let the shoppers browse the complete Sephora collection. A triangular glass roof will let natural light in the center of the store where a beauty studio will be located. This studio will provide the customer with the opportunity to test out products they want to buy. The store would also have large window displays to attract potential customers.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: anyway
My Role: Interior Designer
Additional Credits: Ringling College of Art


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