Ronel Constantin

Ronel Constantin

Chicago, IL, US


Jacmel Childen Center haiti

The design Concept for L'Enfant la Dignite de Jacmel is based on the traditional connection between Haiti and West African Architecture. The concept is inspired by the traditional vernacular architecture found in Haiti. The Haitian domestic house is a combination of West African Yoruba styles and Haitian methods of implementation. The concept will be  expressed through design principles of rhythm, harmony and proportion. The rhythm found in the unprocessed lumber walls will be expressed through the use of the elements of repetition and contrast. Harmony will be mimicked by the wide range of earthy materials found in the traditional Haitian house, which will be emphasized through the use of color and unprocessed sustainable materials. The overall organization of public spaces, learning spaces, and private spaces will be in similar proportion such that of traditional Haitian houses, however it will be enhanced by flexibility, and technology.

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Status: School Project
Location: Jacmel, HT
My Role: Interior Designer
Additional Credits: Ringling College of Art and Design


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