Nastaran k. Ghaidar

Nastaran k. Ghaidar

Los Angeles, CA, US


complete CV's, project lists, references and portfolio available upon request.

11728 Wilshire Blvd, Apt# B1307 (Telephone Number 805-451-0609
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Smart, creative, passionate, diligent and enthusiastic individual with strong academic background
and passion for creating, designing, and building various facilities including residential, commercial
and industrial is seeking a ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER position to gain and utilize my experience
and knowledge, and exceed personal and business goals


MA in Architecture and Urban Studies, UNIVERSITY OF BRIGHTON, UK, 2009

Thesis: Design (Live between the Senses) – Created a program for visual people to explore space on a
variety of levels, still in its experimental stage

Key Achievements:
A number of my MA thesis images and research results are being used for the book by Dr. Ivana Wingham (who leads the Masters program in Architecture and Urbanism studies and is the leader of Architecture department at University of Brighton) and Mr. Ruderick Lumsden (Co Author). This book is expected to be published in the UK in the coming year).

“The Reticent City”, a second semester design produced by me was selected to represent the MA in
Architecture and urban studies course in University of Brighton forum during the art and architecture
festival at University of Brighton in UK and was selected in the top 3 among all the Architectural schools
in England.

BS in Architecture, AZAD UNIVERSITY, Tehran (GPA – A) 2007

Aesthetically-inclined architect with strong passion and appreciation for design and detail; inspired by the
nuances of urban and community designs that both enhance and complement the existing neighbourhood and incorporate the best of modern technologies for efficiency and sustainability. An analytical thinker; acknowledged throughout academic training for capacity to absorb information, develop innovative and imaginative solutions, and communicate concepts clearly. Focused, well organised and have refine creative ingenuity and technical craftsmanship in preparation for professional role.

Participated in various internationally renowned architectural design competitions and showcased the most innovative, the most ultra-modern designs that defines architecture in this century and improves way of life. Gained excellent skills in design development, architectural design, documentation, and detailing on a wide variety of projects; knowledge of materials and their characteristics, detailing, construction techniques related engineering principles and building codes and ability to translate complex designs into clear, concise details and construction documents; Expert understanding of designer and graphic software applications.

Excellent ability to identify client needs, review architect design works, perform planning, design, construction, site analysis, make a recommendation and suggest improvements;

Effective communicator; convey technical and non-technical concepts in clear terms; develops long lasting relationships with clients, consultants, contractors and peers. Able to work under pressure in fast-paced environments, quality conscious, committed to organizational success and delivers excellent client service. Works effectively independently and with demonstrated commitment to team results; excellent problem solving and organizational skills; Enjoys the challenge of managing projects from inception to completion


♦ Sustainability ♦ Commercial buildings ♦ Site specific design ♦ Material expression ♦ Architecture and
Cyber space ♦ Parametric designs ♦ Innovative designs and projects ♦ Virtual Reality


♦ Architectural Design/Drawings ♦ Aesthetic & Functional Design ♦ Design Development ♦ Technical
Drawings ♦ 3D & Sectional Views ♦ Computer-aided Design & Drafting ♦ Site Selection ♦ Material
Characteristics and Selection ♦ Spatial Planning ♦ Urban Design ♦ Interior Design ♦ Blueprints

Technical Skills:
Grasshopper parametric design, Rhino, 3dmax, Cinema 4D, AutoCAD (Field of engineering); Photoshop,
Revit, Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft power point, iMovie, page, i work, Photography;
Proficient in Mac and PC platforms.

Language Skills: English, Farsi and French


Architect                                                                                                                            Jan. 2012-Present                                                        
CK Architecture, Los Angeles
Small architectural firm specializes in commercial projects. 
Co-designed liquor store located in downtown Los Angeles for Ramirez Brothers for the city council to approve.
Co-designed proposal plan for Choming Presidential Palace, Shanghai, China
Co-designed plan improvement for Chateau Marmont hotel and lounge in West Hollywood, bar and lounge, bathroom furniture and back up housing for world famous luxury hotel.
Co-designed new bench for Manhattan Beach. Project was approved is awaiting final sponsorship by Manhattan Beach city council.
Design and co-designed 23 different chairs for German furniture manufacturer Michael Neumayr Design.
Co-Designed Zanzi Bar plan improvement in Santa Monica
Manage office and design independently without constant supervision                                                                 



♦ The Spark: Concept Competition 2012
Project submitted “DigiParget” - Main objective of this project was to develop a digitally controlled design and fabrication process that introduces the notion of a time-based deployment to a phase changing material that is iteratively evaluated and re-cast.

♦ The Spark: Concept Competition 2012
Project submitted “DigiParget” - Main objective of this project was to develop a digitally controlled design and fabrication process that introduces the notion of a time-based deployment to a phase changing material that is iteratively evaluated and re-cast.

♦ One Lab Event + Competition: NYC Design Contest 2011
Project submitted “Soft City” – The main objective of this project was to understand the material
possibilities of the relationship between sound and bodies, exploring, responding to, and affecting sonic
space through a distributed system of responsive connections.

♦ Venice City Vision Architecture Competition 2011
Project submitted “Adaptive Pavilion” – The research aimed for the creation of a soft-body architecture
made to challenge and discuss the notion of rigidity and motionlessness in architectural thinking

♦ Evolvo magazine Skyscraper Competition 2010
Project submitted “Mass Urbanism” - The main idea of this contest was to examine the relationship
between the skyscraper and the natural world, the skyscraper and the community and the skyscraper and
urban living; demonstrate imagination to redefine the term skyscraper through the use of new materials,
technology, aesthetics, programs, and spatial organizations; and take globalization, environmental
warming, flexibility, adaptability, and the digital revolution into consideration.
Developed a master plan for housing project for the urban nomad of London as an example of adaptive
architectural environment, existing infrastructure system, road networks, routes and paths surrounding the
other boundaries of the site are drawn into the project field and the urban plan geometry is projected into
the urban elevation.
♦ Venice Biennale Competition 2009

Project submitted “Eco bus system” – This project was done by MA Architecture and Urban Studies
students’ and in collaboration with Estonian fashion designer Reet Aus, to develop new ecological ideas for London’s bus system.

♦Active member of AIA Los Angles ♦ MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House, Los
Angeles ♦ Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design ♦ Architecture and Design Museum Los Angeles ♦ Hammer Museum
♦Dr.Ivana Wingham,;;
♦Dr. John Andrews,,

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Status: School Project
Additional Credits: For more images and sample works such as the competitions images, projects and animations, please contact

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