Aatish Moon

Aatish Moon

New York, NY, US



The Splash Pavilion, a unique identifiable icon, is a visually provocative interactive experimental musical communication device and a site of communing,
Each irregularly shaped segment is programmed with its own unique synthesized sound drawing from a wide sonic spectrum. Visitors to the Splash Pavilion may experiment musically through use of a mounted touch screen control panel designed to replicate the shape of the very structure. The electronically produced sounds of birds, chimes and rushing liquid (among others) loop and meld to produce a haunting effect when juxtaposed with the theatrical quality of the piece itself.
The surface is perforated, creating a sense of scale, and introducing to the space transparency, light and reflection. The vision behind this art project is not just to make use of the most leading edge technologies with durable materials and fabrication methods, but also to ensure the delivery of intrepid, multi-dimensional, innovative design of supreme quality and to link the beauty of the visual and aural.

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Status: Unbuilt


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