Aatish Moon

Aatish Moon

New York, NY, US


Googleplex 2200

Googleplex 2200

Googleplex 2200, a prediction of architectural possibilities, draws inspiration from the futuristic world of author Neal Stephenson’s sci fi novel The Diamond Age where in, mediaglyphic language, phenomenoscopic and phantoscopic retinal implants, reproductive freedom machines, spinal teleaethetics, lidars, and the mediatron are a functioning reality. The structure’s design is informed most significantly by Stephenson’s vision of matter compiling atomic reconfiguration nanotechnology, through which articles may dissect themselves, reducing to their most basic elements and subsequently reforming to meet the ever-evolving need of the consumer.
Google Headquarters New York City, home to a company that must, as a central point of business, consistently anticipate and move to the beat of ever-upgrading technology. In keeping with this spirit of continual progress and change, Googleplex 2200 proposes an amendment to the headquarters’ existing structure. Designed through imagined employment of the technology introduced above, the chosen portion outlined morphs and reconfigures in immediate response to the emerging spatial and structural needs of Google and, in so doing, demonstrates the realization of a proposed futuristic architectural reality, at high speed.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: New York, NY, US


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