Razvan Ghilic-Micu

Razvan Ghilic-Micu

Singapore, SG




The former Marfa Military Airfield, abandoned for the past six decades is the proposed site for a new Art Conservation and Preservation facility, connected with the JUDD foundation, the Chinati foundation and MoMA.

The proposal is strategically masterplanning the core and outskirts of the site for further growth, re-establishing connections to the old existing access routes, as well as the highway bordering the Northern edge of the former air field. The architecture of the facilities is trying to disrupt as little as possible the hypnotic high desert landscape, borrowing some of the tectonic qualities and organizational sensibilities of the site.

The facility is meant to use the advantages of geothermal heating, cooling as well as soil water filtration for offsetting to the required parameters of indoor climate control.

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Status: School Project
Location: Marfa, TX, US
Additional Credits: Guy Nordenson - Adviser
Michael Maltzan - Adviser
Lizzie Hodges - Adviser


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