Celine Juan

Celine Juan

Los Angeles, CA, US



Coastlines throughout the world today are progressively eroding due to rising sea levels. Throughout the last century man has constructed an urban ecology that is at odds with the naturally evolving coastal ecology. Today, a dystopic scenario of 98’ sea level rise threatens Santa Monica’s coastline. By 2050 Santa Monica Pier and the beach will be inundated. By 2100, the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and the Santa Monica Freeway, and much of neighboring Venice and Marina Del Rey will be underwater. This impending crisis sparks a utopian speculation towards both transportation infrastructure and coastal architecture.

Acting as a mediating node between existing and proposed urban conditions, Coastal Urbanity bridges the urban and ocean ecology as the sea erases Santa Monica’s coastline and its beach culture. Coastal Urbanity re-purposes the existing Santa Monica pier in order to establish new routes to link new infrastructural nodes from the cities to the ocean and vice versa. Consolidation of the existing pier, park, and infrastructural programs through a series of fragmented stratification channel the public seamlessly through indoor and outdoor spaces, ultimately creating a continuous open-air promenade that acts as a linear extension of the city into the ocean. Coastal Urbanity serves as a physical gradient that begins to establish a linear city that will incrementally expand beyond the project site illustrating how urbanity can be successfully blended with the natural coastal ecology.

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Status: School Project
Location: Santa Monica Pier


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