Celine Juan

Celine Juan

Los Angeles, CA, US



Buenos Aires is a city of respite, of permanence where time seems to stop. Time allows for transformation, change and permanence. It allows for record, and ignites the creation and destruction of form. Time leaves its mark on the city as it records successive accumulation of layers and creates memories from them, allowing its identity to be in a state of constant evolution. While maintaining density through the movement and speed of the city is crucial, the porosity and necessity for stagnation and contemplation is equally demanded in Buenos Aires.

We propose to take the analogy of stacked file records as an emblem of the judiciary system in Buenos Aires. The density between the layers of superimposed documentation reflects the people’s demands for porosity and transparency in the judicial branch. Merging the energy and tension of the existing government systems, the site responds to a flawed justice system by manipulating the typography of the site. The typography of the diagonal emerges from the ground, literally wrapping around the judicial building as a way of resembling the upward moving force of the people into a marker for justice—the building itself.

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Status: School Project
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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