Fernando del Pozo Torres

Fernando del Pozo Torres

Valladolid, ES


Final Project

The project seeks to adapt to the slope, as explained in the idea. Just trying to adapt to the place and melt the vegetation of the plot with the existing mall, so it hugs the building. On the other hand creates a square building access, so that it serves as a transition between the city and the union through the square and the mall and its connection thanks to the continuity within the plot.

The plot is set against the historic center of Segovia, due to the topography of the area, the plot is viewed from the historic city center.
Thus, one of the important points in addressing the project was to give the building overlooking the city, so many classrooms turn to the city. There are also singular points of it that make viewing, such as the library, lobby on their upper floors and the stands, from which it has a view of the entrance square with the historic city as a backdrop. Also the deck is a place from which to view the city as it is intended to be used as a temporary exhibition area for sculpture.

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Status: School Project
Location: Segovia, ES


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