Katerina Dimova

Katerina Dimova

Milan, IT


Green infrastructure for the city of Varna, Bulgaria

Varna, Bulgaria is a city with great historical value, unique nature and economical importance, as the biggest port in Bulgaria and one of the ancient settelments in Europe. After analyzing the city we discovered that the three main layers-the waterfront, “Sea garden”, and the mainland are isolated from one other. The main percentage of green spaces, cultural and leisure activities are concentrated in the city center, the “Sea garden”, and the waterfront. The peripheral areas remain grim, low maintained, isolated, difficult to reach,often not secure and with lack of visual indicators. What is more is the increase of urban residents pressure of work and study enhances their demand of green space and public areas.
The project proposes a network of slow and fast mobility, which makes the city permeable and brings environmental qualities to the area. The preliminary goals are to unite the different layers of the city through green infrastructure, connecting the main parks, green areas,the waterfront and focal points, leading to regional green spaces. The paths are uniting element, generator of activities, green areas, new alternative way of transport and backbones for future development. They attract along its course different worlds, give values to existing ones and bring new qualities to the area. The strategy is based on an overall understanding about the main characteristics of the city, the demographic features (population size, age structure, and social groups), its cultural, spatial, urban, environmental and historic characteristics.
The project links diverse spaces and merges the functionality of individual components into single composition.It consentrates on three crucial areas in the city, proposing different programs, according to the needs of the areas. One slow motion path, for recreational activities ,following the canals of the city,connecting the waterfront with regional parks. Second fast motion path, mainly for transport connections, following the main arteries of the city. Third green backbone, connecting the focal points in the city center, mainly for touristic and commercial activities. We zoom in the first path, using the concept of “being green” and “being blue” ,working with water and green.The project gives basic indications for the possible interventions in the other areas. The final proposal is of three backbones crossing the city,from the waterfront to the regional parks,making the city permeable,bringing environmental qualities and creating unique green system.

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Status: School Project
Location: Varna,BG


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