Kevin Burt

Kevin Burt

Irvine, CA, US


Architect, Senior Project Manager


HOSPITALITY/               Tahiti Clubhouse/ Mixed-use                                          Beijing, China

RESORT/ RETAIL/             3-story clubhouse/ spa over parking, with 5-story hotel, restaurants, retail, ballrooms; DD

RESTAURANT/             Islands Restaurant                                                             Phoenix, Arizona

ENTERTAINMENT              5,100 SF, dining, kitchen- food prep/ dishwash/ storage, lounge, outdoor dining; DD- CD

                                                Ikea – Orange County                                                       Costa Mesa, California

                                                    300,000 SF, furniture/ furnishings store with showroom, markethall, restaurant; CD

                                                The Sports Club                                                                  San Francisco, California

                                                    95,000 SF, 3+ high rise interior levels incorporating gym, courts, pool areas; CD

                                                Pacific Islands Club                                                           San Antonio, Saipan, C.N.M.I.

                                                    2-story to 7-story, 276,000 SF hotel, restaurant, retail, recreation facilities; SD- BD

                                                Euro Disneyland                                                                 Paris, France

                                                    Design development of conceptual study for preparation of construction documents.


EDUCATIONAL               Mercedes Benz West Coast Education Center             Rancho Cucamonga, California

/ HEALTHCARE                  33,000 SF, classrooms, training and body shops, and administrative offices; CD- CA

/ RESEARCH &            UC Riverside Science Library                                          Riverside, California

DEVELOPMENT                  4-story, 160,000 SF, computer/ communications networking, data filing/ retrieval; CA

                                                San Diego St. Univ. Science Building                            San Diego, California

                                                    4-story, 98,000 SF, classrooms, laboratories, administrative offices; CD

                                                Dako (cancer diagnostics)                                               Carpinteria, California

                                                    39,000 SF, laboratory, cold rooms, assembly/ bottling, offices/ related spaces; SD- CA

                                                Kaiser Permanente Primary Care Center                      Fontana, California

                                                    326,000 SF, two 7-story medical care facility with seven major departments; CA

                                                McGhan Medical Corporation                                        Goleta, California

                                                    57,000 SF, laboratory, material/ component development, sterilization, packaging; SD- CA


COMMERCIAL -            Lincoln Mercury World Headquarters                          Irvine, California

OFFICE/ CIVIC/                 245,000 SF, 4-story office over 2-level parking with adjacent design studio; SD- DD

INTERIORS/                Doner (advertising agency)                                              Newport Beach, California

INDUSTRIAL                        Entire floor of 15-story office building with full single-tenant improvements; DD- CA

                                                Kauai Electric Office Building

                                                    2-story, 34,000 SF, office building and TI coordination on 1.97 acre site; DD- BD

                                                Keebler Distribution Facility                                           Corona, California

                                                    90,000 SF, distribution warehouse with office improvements; DD- CA

                                                Irvine City Hall                                                                   Irvine, California

                                                    3-story, 179,000 SF, administrative offices, council chambers, police facility; DD- CD

                                                Safeguard Corporate Headquarters                               Tustin, California

                                       2-story, 43,000 SF, office building with full single-tenant improvements; SD- CA


RESIDENTIAL -              Garland Park at Woodbury                                              Irvine, California

MULTI & SINGLE              2 & 3-story, 8, 9 & 10-plex buildings with 4 unit plans from 1,355 to 1,971 SF; DD- CD

FAMILY/ MIXED-        Ambassador West                                                               Pasadena, California

USE                                            2 & 3-story, multi-plex podium buildings of 70 units o/ sub-T parking, on historic site; DD

                                                Cambridge Townhomes                                                    Belmont, California

                                                    2 (upslope) & 3-story, 4 & 8-plex buildings with 6 unit plans, 1,379 to 2,096 SF; DD- CD

                                                Bellarado – Townhomes & Recreation Facility          San Diego, California

                                                    2-story +basement, 5 & 7-plex buildings with 3 unit types, 1,741 to 2,155 SF; DD- CD

                                                Parkside Apartments (formerly Ninth Street Apts)      Los Angeles, California

                                                    5-story, 79-unit apartment building with office, retail and parking below; DD- CA

                                                Keppel Marina                                                                    Singapore

                                                    3-story to 10-story, 470-unit residential with commercial/recreational facilities; SD

                                                Grand Champions Resort at Wailea                              Maui, Hawaii

                                                    188-unit, condominium development with support facilities; SD- DD

                                                South Park Western                                                           Los Angeles, California

                                                    3-story condominium over parking development; CD              

                                                Belcourt Towne Collection                                              Newport Beach, California

                                                    3,000 to 4,500 SF, 22-unit luxury townhome development; CD

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Status: Built

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