Zaraida Martínez

Zaraida Martínez

Madrid, ES


“Community Centre and improvement plan of Cantodarea, Marín (Pontevedra)”.

With the purpose of responding to a real demand of socialization and interaction in
Cantodarea, and with the intention of reuniting the charm and memories of a historic Galician fishing quarter, the suggested proposal rises above the norm to become a study of a type of social centre for a quarter and its community, in such a way that project and place are inseparable. The concept is a line and a point, a typology of aggregates to a route, of inputs and outputs to a pathway and intermediate public areas that are linked and move with it, creating places that allow observation and freedom of choice, open to use, to stimulation, bringing to mind those drying fishing nets where the quarter's activity was once hosted and organised.

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Status: School Project
Location: Pontevedra, ES


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