Paulina Naruseviciute

Paulina Naruseviciute

Glasgow, GB


Chengdu -Smart City

Prototype “ Rice Industry Hub” is a device for connecting multiple components into systems together and making them act as a single network segment.It is an organizational system for balancing urban and agricultural land. An increasing problem in Chengdu is a significant contrast of agricultural and urban areas. In addition to this, agricultural area became uncontrollable space which is more and more often occupied by industrial and residential buildings. It leaves no space for traditional idea of being in harmony with nature in living environment.

After research it appeared that agricultural land in 5th ring is mostly occupied by rice paddies. Rice straw waste could be recycled in a different ways to get eco products. You can get food, building materials and energy. Prototype “ Rice Industry Hub” increases profit of agricultural land makes it enjoyable as well as controllable. Also disappearance of the farmland will have an impact to the future food production as the population is growing there will be more import which means more co2 emission and increased food prices.

Our prototype tried to deal with this problem by making agricultural land profitable, usable, enjoyable and controllable. After research it appeared that agricultural land in 5th ring is mostly occupied by rice paddies.This means that adding additional processes into rice growing process it is possible to get eco products,like building materials and rice husk energy.
The idea of the project is inspired by emergence urbanism concept  which uses fractal geometry to create principles of chaotic environment. Our created system works with 5 components placed in areas around urbanized zone creating centers, which can attract more investors interested in similar business.
Although, the agricultural land is shrinking and the future  of it is vertical farms. However,its energy consumption is not efficient way of supplying community with food. Our main concern is to create structure which would accommodate agricultural land reducing its footprint. It also should be easily built, using inexpensive sustainable materials.
Our structure creates green corridors with public spaces around the suburban street,making the street lively. The ground floor of the structure can be used for retail.

Joint project: Laura Petruskeviciute, Paulina Naruseviciute, Huang Zhen

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Status: School Project
Location: Chengdu Shi, CN


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