Sara Horn

Sara Horn

Raleigh, NC, US


Design of Details: Frank Lloyd Wright's Affleck House

The idea of this project was to take an existing structure and study how it was detailed. With the intimate knowledge of its design intent and details understood, I designed my own version of a wall section. The goal was to keep to Frank Lloyd Wright’s ideas, but make it more energy efficient and with better water control since leakage is a common problem in Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. I kept the same type of brick and same dimensions to stay more in line with FLW’s original intentions for this Usonian house, built in 1941. It continues FLW’s Prairie House ideas of using natural materials, open plans, harmony with nature, and a uniquely American Idiom.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bloomfield Hills, MI, US

Original Drawings from Frank Lloyd Wrights Office
Original Drawings from Frank Lloyd Wright's Office