Udine, IT


And yet I feel suspended: the walls of Urbino, new paths in the city for an economic boost. ''Eppur mi sento sospesa''

The topic of the thesis brings together architecture, landscapes and walking paths and aims in
this way to provide the city a substantial economic boost. Urbino is a city which has recently
lived a period of crisis for many reasons. The aim of this work is to highlight some alternatives
to the paths which tourists, citizens and students normally take while they go around the city.
These alternative paths are based on the ancient walls of the city and on many views and
places which awaken long forgotten feelings. In this way the city comes back to life and starts
to develop a promising revival both from the economic and cultural point of view.
This work ends with the creation of a new cultural area located in the area of Fortezza Albornoz, with a process of urban renovation and environmental improvement measures for
the park “Parco della Resistenza” in Urbino and for a part of the city located outside the walls.

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Status: School Project
Location: Urbino, IT


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