Leen Katrib

Leen Katrib

Los Angeles, CA, US


Continuous Surface

The project explores the insertion of a continuous surface structure in the compact urban fabric of the Theater District of Downtown Los Angeles, California. The streetscape is defined by a compact, yet varied, arrangement of Victorian structures.The buildings’ streetscape facades are programmatically divided, projecting datums that reflect on the linearity and rigidity of the building sections.

The Continous Surface attempts to blur the boundary between Education and Community as the two central programs through a spatial continuity of the exterior envelope and interior invelopes. The roof, walls, and floor plates become part of a single narrative of the building. Structurally, the building is organized on a 10x10 grid, decreasing the size of structural members and expressing a thin building profile.The skin is covered with laminated glass, fritted glass, and perforated glass panels with respect to program and adjacency to surrounding structures.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US


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