Teodora Vasilev

Teodora Vasilev

Chicago, IL, US


Mega Block U.S. Embassy

The historically charged Pariser Plazs is incomplete; an empty parcel on the southwest corner of Berlin’s prestigious square is yearning to be the home of a building that deserves the site with historical importance. Coincidentally the lot was the location of the original American Embassy that was destroyed during WWII. United States needed a new symbol to represent its country in the German capital, which has become an icon for the meeting of the old and the new.

Because the site is located in Berlin’s historic square within the old city’s center called Mitte the design approach seemed obvious, mending between urban context and a multi functional building. To emphasize the hierarchy of activities the program was arranged as a city center within the site, with the more social aspect of the program to be more open and approachable where as the higher security aspects similar to a gated residential community, with more protection and difficult access, thus a “mega lot” within the Pariser Platz square that is located in the “mega block” Mitte. To respond to the heavy pedestrian traffic, the U.S. Embassy is designed with the intention to enhance the experience by allowing pedestrians to flow through the site and take advantage of the outdoor areas and green spaces.

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Status: School Project
Location: Berlin, DE


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