Teodora Vasilev

Teodora Vasilev

Chicago, IL, US


Experiencing space through emotion.

As architects, we often try to design and think of buildings as vessels which engage with their occupants on many levels —  including the emotional ones. And of course, those designs which connect with their occupants on emotional levels, are the designs that often have the most profound
effect. Yet frequently, designers use their “instincts” to orchestrate novel and harmonious building design features that will serve to not only inspire, but also to connect with people in profound ways.
But what if you want to use more than your instinct? What if you could get insight into how to tap into your occupant’s emotions?…knowing not just where to do it within your designs, but also when.

With this particular project 5 emotions were to be picked and incorporated into the building, since the site was a narrow strip surrounded by the busy city with the river to the east, business buildings all around and two traffic heavy bridges. The thin strip of  land was soon to occupy a mixed use building that was to change how people experience going through and interacting with it. Change in height, light, width, and elevations were the key ingredients to the emotions. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US


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