Carlos Julian Garcia

Carlos Julian Garcia

Madrid, ES


Dehesa de la Villa Museum

The teacher’s brief was to propose a space to create and expose architecture. Located in Madrid, in Dehesa de la Villa, next to University Campus, the site was a scene of key landmark due to its height. The strategy of the project was to create a horizontal building with a programmatic layout in staggered storeys. This horizontality is in sympathy to the scale of the surrounding countryside. This location provides views from the heart of the city and the far away mountains.

The principal building is two storeys high. The volume contains two separate blocks on the first floor and one volume without partitions on the groundfloor. There are two accesses for the building: there is one public access upstairs, and the other is downstairs, this one is for the students. This fact provides a layout with the workspace on the groundfloor and a public space above with the expositions and the restaurant. Concrete is used in the structure of the goundfloor. It is formed by two lines of five heavy pillars in the middle that organizes the interior spaces, and three structural walls in the perimeter. The other one is of full- height sliding glazed panels so nature and diffuse light can be brought into the building. These pieces are also used in the first floor due to the same aim. The roof is supported by metal pillars. The main idea of the building is that “heavy supports light”.

The first floor layout consists in one access that ends in a space of distribution. There are two wings of exposistion, according to the blocks. The biggest one is for temporary expositions and the other is for permanent ones. These dimensions are due to the circulations. The space between them allows views from the countryside.

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Status: School Project
Location: Madrid, ES

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