Ihnil Kim

Ihnil Kim

New York, NY, US



Curtis Institute of Music is known for picking and creating the best musicians in the world. The new design for the Curtis dormitory was not only to create connection to the community but also giving the students the privacy of their own which was the most important part of the building for them as requested. Within the heavy concrete skin of the building window walls are offset from the concrete skin to let the building breathe and also letting students to experience the lightness to their spaces. The holes of the buildi ng control views according to different spaces. These allowed the rooms to have privacy but the public spaces would have a direct connection from the ground level or from the park. The building also becomes a musical instrument by allowing the public to see and hear what the students are practicing. The holes are wrapped around by colored metal sheets which will act as a machine during night time which reflects light from each spaces showing the public the hints of active spaces.

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Status: School Project
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US

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