Ihnil Kim

Ihnil Kim

New York, NY, US



The INVERTICITY challenges the urban typology of a skyscraper by inverting the programmatic convention of ground as public entity. The geometry of a truncated tetrahedron lends itself to modularity that in turns increases efficiency in fabrication yet still produces variations in aggregation. The differences in each mode of aggregation produce unique typologies for different programmatic functions. The modules are designed to facilitate future development as the city starts to change its culture as a response to current economy, demographics, and exchange. The modules can be easily added up to existing building or start where buildings have been demolished without disturbing their existence. We can visualize the method as a utilitarian city, yet the variety of its formal aggregation provides an opportunity for individuality. The new ground for viewing and inhabiting the urbanscape can simply stem from one geometry.

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Status: School Project
Location: Philadelphia, PA, US

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