Ihnil Kim

Ihnil Kim

New York, NY, US


Institute for Balance

The ‘Institute for Balance’ looks to explore the concept of stability through the duality between internal and external experiences to develop a range of stability allowing for individuals to maintain their own personal equilibrium as they explore and utilize the building. Programs are redefined based on their external relationships to the city and internally through a synthesis with adjacent programs via transitional thresholds. These thresholds are defined through hard and soft building elements that each provide a unique experience through alterations of sight, sound and space. The vertical circulation is integrated with these thresholds to develop relationships sectionally as well as horizontally. At a macro scale, programs are strategically located to maintain a steady building balance rate, while simultaneously creating spaces that challenge degrees of stability locally. This in accordance with a holistic understanding of internal and external nature of balance allows for new and unique experiences for people with balance disorders.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US

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