Priscillia Champagne

Priscillia Champagne

Montreal, QC, CA


The Urban Living room

The aim of the project was to convey the idea of buildings responding to their environment. Instead of applying a template to any given situation, the strategy is focused on the building’s response to the surroundings. In this mixed-use project, the development of the form started with the comprehension of the main exterior determinants; sun, noise, wind, views, vegetation, topography, traffic densities and neighborhood character. In parallel to this development was a critical thinking about organization and programmatic use of the buildings. The R&R Studios notion of “Urban Living Room” was introduced as a way to activate the street corner in conjuncture with the coffee shop. As a direct result of the surroundings, the built form gets its inspiration from the massing of the Queenslander; in three distinctive parts and materials. Finally, by following this rigourous analytical process, the project achieves to give a comforting sense to this space. By concentrating the effort on the relations to the urban fabric without adding any artifice, one can see an integrated contemporary project. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Brisbane, AU


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