Priscillia Champagne

Priscillia Champagne

Montreal, QC, CA


Absolute Extreme

“When your house contains such a complex of ­piping, flues, ducts, wires, lights, inlets, outlets, ­ovens, sinks, ­re­­fuse, disposers, hi‐fi ­reverberators, antennae, conduits, freezers, heaters. When it ­contains so many services that the hardware could stand up by itself without any ­assistance from the house, why have a house to hold it up?”


As compared to the centralized organization of Banham’s idea, our design develops a totally integrated self-sustainable structure. Inspired by the decentralization of the contemporary social system, our building aims to recreate the connection between the human and its environment by creating a network of membrane interacting with the human.

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Status: School Project
Location: Atacama desert, Chile


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