Dillon Hanratty

Dillon Hanratty

New York, NY, US



The ideas competition encouraged architects, artists, landscape architects, urban designers, engineers and anyone to submit their visions for Boston. The mission to vastly improve the experi- ence of one area of the city found a focus on The Esplanade along the Charles River. The public park that is connected to Back Bay, Boston Common, Beacon Hill, and Cam- bridge, has infinite potential to become a place of popu- lar attraction and stimulating interac- tion with the proper intervention.

As a solution, four bridges extend from Newbury Street, delivering the public onto the outer edge of The Esplanade, where barges become connected to the urban experience. The barges, each with their own functional application, are recycled and repurposed to become part of an ever changing and adapting collection of temporary restaurants, amusement parks, shops, pavilions, nightclubs, sport arenas, museums, botanical gardens, skate parks, traveling exhibits, and more.
Overhead, a gondola system integrated as part of the MBTA provides an exciting approach to short distance transportation to, from, and around the city’s main attractions. The concept energizes historic Boston, challenges the familiar, and engages the community in the discussion of a future dynamic city.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: The Esplanade, Boston, MA


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