Louis Cespedes

Louis Cespedes

New York, NY, US


Gloss Studio

This is an ongoing intervention in a commercial space for a New York photo editing
agency. Several challenges during the programming of the spaces. Several
space planning alternatives where implemented in the design creating hybrid - studios
and production suites, minimizing movement of staff, yet increasing communications
between departments

This project takes their space and converts it to a user or “staff” centered floor where
management can focus on selling client services, while a production operates
un-interrupted, responding to client demands. The changing needs of the company
required a strategy that would allow for them to expand and transition into a completely
different organizational structure within five years.

Interactive organization allows for presentations and meetings space to be quickly
configured within other spaces, while creating a comprehensive equilibrium between
creative design space needs and managerial needs without sacrificing the image of
their brand. The "look and feel" of a modern-indutrial space was important as well as
creating a new setting for production efficiency and seamless integration of their

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US

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