Ameen Ayoub

Ameen Ayoub

Los Angeles, CA, US

AXA Advisors Office
AXA Advisors Office

AXA Advisors

Renovation to an extisting 3,900 sq. ft. office space for AXA financial advisors. The construction budget was 50, 000 dollars. The furnishings, fixture and equipment budget was 50,000 dollars. Renovation included:  a new wood floor, demolision of existing ceramic tile, custom built-in cabinetry: reception desk, filing cabinets, built-in waiting area seating, conference room table: 20’ x 6’  with custom walnut and stainless inlays. New paint on all interior walls. Lighting inlcuded: reception, waiting area, conference room, hallways, and  bathrooms. Completion of 3 bathrooms, new door frames and hardware. Insulation throughout, new glass doors at conference room. Break room included: refinished cabinetry, new tile, and appliances. 

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Status: Built
Location: El Paso, TX, US

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