Jonathan McKim

Jonathan McKim

San Francisco, CA, US


Papago K-8

Papago Elementary School Replacement Building
Delivery Method:    CM@Risk
Professional Services:   Start (Design): 4/2010
Substantial Completion (Construction): 12/2011
Role:     Technical Design Advisor
Architect of Record: Orcutt | Winslow
Owner: Creighton Elementary School District
Construction:    12/2011, D.L Withers Construction

Replacing a 1950’s campus, the new Papago Elementary School will consist of 108,000-sf of instructional space, administration, gymnasium, cafeteria, and media center.  Spread across four buildings, the school forms a protective courtyard while still maintaining a connection to the community at large.  The building’s styling is sleek and modern, making use of practical materials such as metal horizontal paneling and exposed masonry block.  Bold colors set against the white metal and grey block add to the buildings appeal while avoiding the all too often stark institutional feel of modern school design.  Breakout Session Spaces allow for non-traditional instructional areas throughout the campus, a must for today’s tech savvy students.   A bright yellow elongated entry canopy adds a playful touch while distinguishing the campus entry.  Second story exterior bridging dissect the campus and connect the classroom wings, while oversized overhangs on the south elevation shade the building’s large windows from Arizona’s intense summer sun.   Project professional services performed at Orcutt | Winslow

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Status: Built
Location: Phoenix, AZ, US

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