Francesco Valente-Gorjup

Francesco Valente-Gorjup

Hong Kong, HK


Steel House

Programmatically, this steel house is spacious enough to accommodate a large family as well as a generous live-work space, which in this case belongs to a young design couple. This “work” space is sunken 3 feet below grade permitting the master bedroom to hover boldly over the site and, from this vantage point, allowing views of the green roof planted with drought-resistant grasses located above the kitchen. The Private program -- consisting of a master bedroom, guest bedroom, and library -- is tucked away in the corners of the site. The Public program, in contrast, is situated closer to the street offering more dynamic views of the surroundings. Structurally and materially, the “core” of this house is made of steel and glass, while its skin is made of wood slats, which provide shading and privacy. These slats are easily added and removed allowing its occupants to modify the shading and aesthetic of the external envelope. The central courtyard allows the public living spaces to merge with the outdoors, thus creating an environment that is fundamentally malleable and immersive. The conventional “garden” is transposed to the roof where three gardens (a herb garden, cactus garden and grass garden) are interspersed with solar panels.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US


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