Rony Ghadban

Rony Ghadban

London, GB



In order to address the restructuring of this neighborhood and its resulting urban fabric, we
developed a set of systems that have sets of independent data as well as overlapping/shared
data. These data are used to create semi-autonomous systems that, when overlaid,
result in a coherent urban tissue.

We have used two separate but related styles of achieving this tissue:
The first, and more elementary style executed in three overlaying layers. We analysed the current
transportation layout, network & infrastructure, and growth & density plans. These three layers were
superimposed and placed on site. Any discrepancies that arose were worked out in small
and specific codes. The second method uses a series of related toggle switches loosely grouped into categories (derived from the layers of the previous method).
These switches form what we call a ‘Logic Diagram’. They can be flipped on and off in any
manor to create inter-related systems that, when applied to a test site, produce a nearly infinite
variety of urban tissues.

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Status: School Project
Location: London, GB

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