Mrunalini Kulkarni

Mrunalini Kulkarni

San Francisco, CA, US


Playa Santa Rosa Competition

Beach House

Key Features
§  Dining, Living, and kitchen which will be used by all are placed on ground floor, wall facing courtyard and beach will have floor high glazing, ensuring enough illumination and beach view. Wall towards adjacent property will have openings only above eye level.
§  Both bedrooms are at first floor to provide better view of beach and more privacy. Wall facing courtyard will have floor high glazing.
§  Landscaping can be done on top of living room and can be used as viewing terrace,  informal seating to enjoy evening tea or just to relax on hammock .
§  Part of terrace is covered, and terrace roof is supported on fins, which are actually a structural members. The mesh formed by columns and slab will help to enclose courtyard and it will keep court shaded, with changing shadows at different time of the day.

§  Landscaped courtyard with paddle pool.
§  Structure and landscape mingle together to enclose open and semi-open airy spaces.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Santa Rosa West, CA, US
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Ar. Rahul Malandkar


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