Pebel Rodriguez

Pebel Rodriguez

Brooklyn, NY, US


Thesis Project: MIMESIS - About Metaphors in Architecture.

Project: Cultural Center for the East Region.

Subject: MIMESIS - About Metaphors in Architecture.

Theoretical Approach:

Every element of our nature, as simple as it seems, contains a defined architecture, a complex system that structures and gives it meaning. This sense, this architectural logic, shows us a whole spiral of multiple sub-systems co-dependent from each another. The complex system called natural environment offers us infinite guidelines on design within its grandiose morphology and its ingenious proceedings. Learning from these, its simplicity and complexity, as an example of perfection and elegance, opens the doors to infinite possibilities within the architectural field. These variables are the ones that push us to explore within all the potential contained in itself.

About the project:

Extensive research about the site (La Romana, Dominican Republic). As a result from this studies we concluded that several needs were urgent for the place and developed a proposal according to this. The studies included interviews, site visits, historical research, economical statistics and population mapping. The sugar cane being the principal economical and social development factor was used as main concept for the proposal.

Main Tasks:

Conceptualization, graphic design for presentations panels, Construction Documents development, details and specifications as well as percentage charts, relational graphics and flow diagrams. The studies included natural and artificial ventilation, solar movement, lightning percentages, traffic circulation and accessibility.

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Status: School Project
Location: La Romana - Dominican Republic
My Role: Lead Designer

Cultural Center For The East Region
Cultural Center For The East Region

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