Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Louisville, KY, US

Portfolio Page- IEC College, Yatsushiro, Japan
Portfolio Page- IEC College, Yatsushiro, Japan

UK/ IEC Cross-Cultural Project

When the president of IEC College in Yatsushiro, Japan decided that he wanted to build a new campus with a distinctive American feel, the University of Kentucky college of Design was brought in to create a design for his architectural team to work with. I was privileged enough to participate in the design studio that presented the first master plan and the floor plans for the first four buildings: a dormitory, an administration building, a student center and a gymnasium.

Responsibilities included working with a team of 12 other
undergraduate and graduate students to create a uniquely American collegiate experience abroad. Activities included master planning for multiple phases of design and construction as well as floor plan design for buildings mentioned above.

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Status: School Project
Location: Yatsushiro, JP

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