catarina bello

catarina bello

Boston, MA, US


lisbon wastewater treatment plant, portugal - aires mateus

 the intervention comprises the modernization of lisbon's waste-water treatment in alcântara (etar).

for environmental reasons it was necessary to create a wide coverage for this equipment. the program also established two office buildings to be compatible with the existing facilities: one to monitor the station, another to host the new headquarters of the public company that owns it.

the design involves the overlap of these programs. the etar is covered with a thick habitable roof that contains all the necessary services, circulations and their support.

in a territorial scale this gardened coveraging extends the green slopes of the valley of alcântara helping to reduce the impact caused by all the infrastructures in the area.

the new buildings are integrated in the thickness of the cover. living conditions and hierarchies between spaces are created by modeling the pending. also the cover is ripped in the passage ways to create ventilation and lighting without exposing. administrative areas are defined by a boundary wall, a glass and some loose volumes housing secondary functions to separate the internal circulations from work spaces.

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Status: Built
Location: Lisboa, PT


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