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lagoa das furnas rehabilitation, azores, portugal - aires mateus

 this project is part of the lagoa das furnas rehabilitation plan in the island of são miguel, azores. the lagoon is an area of calm and green water, with its banks of brown flat land, surrounded by verdant slopes of an inactive volcano.

the landscape masterplan implies environmental rehabilitation, reforestation and embellishment of the forest banks. essencial to the project development was the will to preserve the identity and historical memory of the local community culture, through the rehabilitation of built and symbolic heritage, the instalation of infrastructure and the integration of new spaces for public use.

on a smaller scale, the new buildings also follow the general principle of the intervention, evoking the architectural landscape of the azores, regarding their shape and material. these buildings arise as the reinterpretation of archetypal volumes, simple and compact. they are coated with the local basalt. a distinction by function was designed in the choice of interior linings.

public toilets, navigation support and technical building interiors have resistante and low maintenance materials such as concrete and cement derivatives.

permanent use buildings have the main areas (archetypal subtracted spaces) coated in wood, since the secondary zones function as boundaries with reduced dimensions, different colors and materials.

the interpretive center is organized around a courtyard. the volume is cut from the apex of the hipped roof until it reaches the east facade allowing access to the interior. the building was designed as a sculpture, a block of raw material that opens and oversees the lagoon capturing light to the interior compartments.

the residences for researchers is a compact volume divided into four units in a hierarchy established by the ceiling heights that depend on solar orientation. each of the four facades has a wood threshold that allows light to penetrate and access each housing unit.

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Status: Built
Location: Açores, PT


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