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house in alcobaça's historic center, portugal - aires mateus

 overlooking the river baça, this house is located in the historic center of alcobaça city.

this project results from the purchase of three lots, a restaurant, a warehouse and finally a traditional house with historical interest.

the general intervention comprises the reorganization and reform of the existing house, the expansion of the living area by replacing the warehouse, and an outside area of shady trees to park the cars with direct access to the street, also armed with technical and storage areas and a garden facing the river.

during the assessment of the conservation level of the existing house we found that it had no foundations and that it was settling down in the eastern side creating two cracks on the longitudinal facades. we had no chance to intervene in the interior of the house adapting it to the new program without its collapse; the high cost of restoration of that structure was not justifiable.

This led to the idea of linking two historical times by carving the old facades in a concrete box keeping it's previous volume to preserve its memory; a gesture inspired by the work of the sculptor gordon matta clark, that draws an east-west line from which the new openings are revealed.

the new shallow and discreet intervention extends along the ground floor, alongside the river bench protecting itself from the environment, taking advantage of natural light in the courtyards. culminating in the empty interior of the "old house”. with it's center completely opened the hallway  is  related to all social areas of the house and the garden.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Alcobaça, PT


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