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catarina bello

Boston, MA, US


aroeira house, portugal -aires mateus

 the host of this project is herdade da aroeira, the largest residential and golf complex in the metropolitan area of lisbon that was developed some years ago.

although unnoticed due to the lack of fencing, our client's property  is hexagonal. since the terrain is not very large, we extended the house boundaries to the allowed limit, making it low and spread out. this gesture combined with the lack of fences, enables the construction to be diluted in the landscape of pine trees around it.

the land slopes smoothly from east to oest so that near the entrance of the property the house walls are no taller than one meter showing the golf course further down. the exterior volume gains height  as one reaches the garage from the east access or from the pedestrian access between trees to the west. it gains the full quota at the arrival of the large central courtyard.

the house is organized around this courtyard, articulating its spaces as an extension of the exterior, bringing out the interior ceilings to create shaded areas. auxiliary areas are designed with the purpose of regulating the geometry of the main spaces facing the big central courtyard.

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Status: Built
Location: Aroeira, PT


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