Chase Morgan

Chase Morgan

Havana, IL, US


Ping Tom Park

Located in Chinatown, Ping Tom is one the newest
additions to the Chicago Park District. It is extremely successful attracting tourists
from the shopping district, and providing much needed recreation space for the
residents. At night the park is under utilized. The objective was to design a program
to keep tourists in the neighborhood benefitting the economy of Chinatown.
I specifically focused on the color red which emphasizes happiness and prosperity
in the Chinese culture. Along one pathway I placed lights that mimic bamboo
stalks. At night they add an invigorating experience along an otherwise dull pathway.
The park is situated near two of Chicago’s many famous drawbridges. I took
the beautifully engineered structures and lit them up with light. In the river I propose
a festival of lights where Chinese lanterns playfully float down stream and
dazzle the eyes of tourists
along riverfront. Fireworks add sparkle and excitement against Chicago’s infamous

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US

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