Chase Morgan

Chase Morgan

Havana, IL, US


Form and Function

The assignment was to select a form found naturally in the landscape,
study its function, and make detailed drawings. I selected Oak Savanna
as it is one of my favorite landscape forms found naturally in mostly-flat-
Illinois. To demonstrate how oak savanna occur on moderate hilly terrain,
I rendered a plan view showing a tree canopy with several contour lines.
I further demostrated the change in elevation with a section drawing.
The section shows how the trees such as Quercus macrocarpa are
placed widely apart allowing for light to pass through and support a lush
grass vegetation below. I learned Oak savannas provide an edge habitat
for many large mammals found in the prairie ecosystem and help stabilized
the soil. I sketched a vignette to further demostrate the form of oak

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Status: School Project

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