James Klauder

James Klauder

New York, NY, US


Stagescape — Thesis Project

The public side and the production side of theater are two active worlds that are traditionally walled off within the volume of a single building, only facing one another in the formal setting of the auditorium. Stagescape inverts this dynamic, pulling the back door through the building from the alley to the public street, creating informal views between the two worlds. The project spans the gap between the Grand Center Arts District and St. Louis University at the corner of Grand and Lindell Boulevards, stitching the two together with a public plaza. Two elevated auditoriums—a proscenium and a black box—face the street at each pole, bridged by the workshops and production spaces. The public enters at a hinge midway between the two stages. In arriving to see a performance, the audience sees the spaces where the performance was created. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Saint Louis, MO


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