Wilson Diaz

Wilson Diaz

Los Angeles, CA, US


The Green Building Science Institute

The purpose of The Green building Science Institute (GBSI) is to provide a facility that is
capable of promoting, researching, and training of the latest green sciences. With the help
of Stalwart homes' not-for-profit group, GBSI will become the regional leader in the
training of sustainable construction materials and techniques. This focus on green
sciences will make the Institute a destination for everyone in the region or country looking
to gain a better understanding.
An achievement of sustainability design was utilized to drive the design of the new GBSI in
Foley, Alabama. Based on the condition of adaptive reuse there was small subtle
structural innovations added to the existing buildings. These improvements to the
historical structure, include passive solar system renovations, water harvesting, green
roofs, and other sustainable developments that will give the GBSI a LEED qualification of
silver. All of these design advancements are expressed in the exterior of the structure, so
that people are able to understand and educate themselves by viewing the sustainable

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Status: School Project
Location: Foley, AL, US


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