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building perspective
building perspective
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Chattanooga Industrial Heritage Museum

Our project focuses on providing a setting where Chattanooga’s industrial past and diverse future can come together. We propose to do this by adaptively re-using a unique and
storied part of the existing urban fabric. Using Harley Grant’s 1908 warehouse on Manufacturer’s Road, our proposal will transform the built environment of this historic industrial
neighborhood. This building will become a Center for exploring, celebrating, and fostering the roots of Chattanooga. This building could be categorized as a commercial building, a
museum, or a workshop; the diversity of programming reflects the diversity of Chattanooga’s history, heritage, and future. This proposal has taken the heritage of one of the oldest
North Shore buildings, and transformed it by creating a series of spaces that focus on industrial artifacts, and their transformation from traditional methods, such as woodworking
and metalworking, to more digital techniques such as CNC milling technology, robotics, and 3D printing technology.

Connection to the Community

We find Chattanooga to be a city that embodies pride equally between its rich industrial past, and its future as a hub of culture, recreation, and emerging technologies. The North
Shore neighborhood is a bourgeoning area in Chattanooga, rapidly exemplifying the renewed and vibrant culture of this area. Retail, restaurants, recreation and the river are
intersecting in this part of the city, making it a cultural hub within the city. Our proposal will enhance the growth in the areas near Renaissance and Coolidge Parks, and Frazier
Avenue by becoming a main stop along the new proposed bike path/river walk. This building will open up to passers-by on the trail, and invite them to interact, creating a node of
activity that will serve as a stepping stone in the larger, inter-connected master plan for the expanding North Shore revitalization.

Program Development

We feel that by highlighting the industrial arts we are giving various groups in Chattanooga the opportunity to play a role in the development of the space, and in turn further
development of the community. Our proposal is focused on connecting our project with its three main user groups: Craftsman, Manufacturers, and Visitors.

        Craftsman: In our proposal, we will provide two main types of space to the craftsman: the studio and the exhibition gallery. The studio space will provide craftsmen with a
private space to work in a variety of capacities. However, these spaces are also intended to adapt in order to provide space for more social events such as workshops, and gallery
events. Adjacent to the private space, the building provides larger gallery areas that are meant to provide space to display the studio craftsman’s exhibitions, as well as visiting shows
or collections.
        Manufacturers: Our proposal has a private, disjoined large space intended for an independant manufacturing company. This space not only provides space for a local
manufacture to fabricate their wares, but also a retail outlet to distribute them. Connecting community with industry in this way is an important method for not only building strong
bonds in the community, but also for fostering local commerce and small business. The manufacturing space is a separate building from the main Heritage Museum, in order to
allow the business to operate at an appropriate distance from the general public; however, the space will directly relate to the main building through the use of glazing in order to
give visitors of the museum a glimpse at the art of manufacturing. We envision this space being used to build furniture, bicycles, canoes, or anything else that the market may
demand. The educational component that is created by involving the visiting public with the resident manufacturing business is important. It allows the business a chance to teach
manufacturing techniques to the public and educate the youth about careers in industry, a vital component of continuing the manufacturing legacy of Chattanooga.

        Visitors: Due to diverse demographics and user profiles found in the residents and visitors of Chattanooga, we believe that it is necessary to create a space that functions for
a wide variety of viewers. Our project has open, flexible space that could be used for things including art galleries with intermittently changing content to appeal to local residents,
interactive displays to appeal to the younger more active users, as well as multilingual options to allow foreign visitors a chance to experience Chattanooga. In addition, the building
itself provides many rich experiences for visitors. The site development package will create gathering areas, spaces for picnics and recreation, and outdoor spaces to relax and reflect.
The building will house a small theater that can be used for viewing multimedia content on-screen or hosting lectures, conferences, or community forums. The multitude of pedestrian
spaces created throughout the building’s vertical section byway of elevated patios, mezzanines, and catwalks serves to connect the intimacy and focus of spaces such as the
galleries, auditorium, and studios.
Finally, this building enhances the visitor experience by providing amenities and retail areas. A restaurant, accompanied by full-support areas, in addition to a gift shop will allow
visitors to either quench their thirst, satisfy their hunger, or bring home a memento from the resident manufacturers and craftsmen.

Exterior Transformation

One of the keynotes of this building is the proposed treatment of the building envelope. In addition to highly adaptive and diverse interior programming, this building will be
transformed on the exterior planes. Pushing, Pulling, Pinching, and Deleting are all major tenants in the skin treatment, and this breaking up of surfaces is intended to not only
enhance the aesthetics of the structure, but also strategically bring daylight and fresh air into the otherwise sealed, dark, existing warehouse form. The skin on this building will
employ high performance building materials including insulated composite metal panel cladding, large, illuminating light wells, and a roof that incorporates standing seam metal
panels, photovoltaic panels, and glass skylights. The envelope has been designed to bring light into the building in the winter months and shade the building in the summer
months, thereby reducing the demand on the mechanical and lighting systems and also enhancing the indoor environment. Additional thermal mass in the form of new insulation
and higher performing glass will help the building perform more efficiently and allow it to transition in the modern era of building performance. Finally, the existing, unique riveted
structural steel will be reconditioned, treated, and highlighted as both a structural and an architectural element.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chattanooga, TN, US

building concept
building concept
ground floor plan
ground floor plan
second floor plan
second floor plan

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