Wilson Diaz

Wilson Diaz

Los Angeles, CA, US


Aggregating a Niche Barrio


An unseen infrastructure lays within or around MacArthur Park that creates a greater hybrid program
consisting of activities that are planned or unplanned throughout the day. These places are defined by
their occupants and are expressed, not through traditional urban identities, but instead by temporal,
sometimes imagined actions that happen in the site. The unclear territory that results through these
programs and how they have the potential to transform MacArthur Park is what the analyzing process will bring to life.

The Issue:
MacArthur Park can be seen as a lost or forgotten space, un-used by the surrounding city’s seasoned
development that is ready for exploration. Through the struggles and attempts by the city to regenerate
the area around MacArthur Park, particularly with the opening of the subway station, the barrio has managed to maintain a strong niche community comprised of small businesses catering to the needs of the immigrant community. Although by containing a strong sense of community, an invisible wall has been created that blocks off people from Los Angeles to come to the space, leaving MacArthur Park as a ghost only experienced by people in the barrio, and the occasional tourist or multi-ethnic locals. A smoke screen effect happens were the people at MacArthur Park also separate themselves from their surroundings because of the comfort that is present in living around the area.

Initial Process:
The use of drawing technique or processes of representation in both art and architecture have been
extensively exploited or manipulated in order to develop an architectural project proposal since the early ages of architecture. Through an investigation of a wide range of artist and architects, the architectural process will aid to the development of my own architectural proposal, which merges an interest in creative technique with the dynamic qualities of the urban environment of MacArthur Park.

The project is to exploit the juxtaposition of the unintended relationships that the activities create as a
way to revitalize MacArthur Park. Condensing program/ events in the park will allow for the city to begin to break into the parameters that are set for the site. The clustering will be a benefit for the niche community as they will benefit from each other, instead of competing. Through the use of landscape as a primary driver, the juxtaposition of the formal exercises completed in the process will result in a architectural proposal that will expose the hidden infrastructure of these temporal urban identities. The creation of sociability in the site, and the goal to bring together a greater diverse public that will increase the usage of space at MacArthur Park and in the process will revitalize the site as a way to assist the community, not to break it down or change the Niche

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US


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