Michelle Rummel

Michelle Rummel

Brooklyn, NY, US


Showcase: thesis project

    Acknowledging the manifestation of a new virtual music realm in our culture, and the primitive way in which music has always served as a social vehicle and emotional necessity. Showcase emerges as a vital forum for musical expression and exploration in Eugene, Oregon. The venue provides a versatile environment where both established and emerging musicians may practice, exhibit, record, and perform. Music patrons are provided with opportunities to experience music at a social level by seeing live performances, previewing recorded music, and being exposed to illuminating music exhibitions.
     To architecturally express the innovative elements Showcase brings to the local and regional music scenes, the neglected Romania Warehouse Complex would be remodeled into an acoustically pristine place to enjoy music at many scales. This thesis studio design project took nine months to complete, including a 100 page book of my research and design process, and an hour long final presentation of my work to a jury of professional architects and designers. It was the successful culmination of my college career. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Eugene, OR, US


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