Michelle Rummel

Michelle Rummel

Brooklyn, NY, US


Community table

 The Community table is a roadside farm to table restaurant in Northwestern Connecticut. It was rebuilt in the exact footprint of an abandoned diner. The original building was demolished and then remade by Peter Talbot Architects, with a ecologically based focus. The wood is locally sourced, the insulation is soy based, and photo voltaic panels provide more than half of the building’s energy. The conscientious design of the building is a reflection of the clients and chefs philosophy which is rooted in a profound respect for nature and its seasons, which is also very present in the cuisine.
     The new interior is stark and bright with pickled maple floors, walnut paneled walls, soapstone counter tops, and walnut tables, one of which seats 12 and was milled from a 300 year old fallen black walnut tree from the area. It has a lovely live edge. The chairs are a modern take on the classic windsor. A two story accent wall covered in vintage inspired Scandinavian wallpaper cheerily greets guests when they enter. Every detail from the hardware to the lightbulbs was carefully considered, and it shows when you dine there.
     I worked closely with the proprietors and lead architect through the interior design of the project. I sat in on many meetings . My responsibilities included sourcing and specifying many of the finishes and fixtures including the counter tops, banquette cushions, cafe curtains, portiere curtains, shelving, lighting, chairs, and hardware. I was responsible for the fabrication of all soft furnishings.  I also drafted interior elevations, details of some casework, and floor plans. I also rendered drawings of the cushions and window treatments.  

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Status: Built
Location: Woodville, CT, US


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