John Ruzicka

John Ruzicka

Los Angeles, CA, US


Elfin Forest Interpretive Center - Escodido, CA

While employed at Hubbell + Hubbell Architects in San Diego, CA, I was given the opportunity to work alongside James Hubbell and his artists studio to create a 1000 sq. ft. interpretive center for the Elfin Forest Recreational Area.  Working with James to bring his artistic vision to fruition, we were also able to incorporate many exciting green design strategies and technologies.  This project is built out of insulated concrete forms, recycled polystyrene with concrete infill, that was the logical choice for fire/flood prone area.  The small nature center also has a living roof, recycled timber, photovoltaic energy and no VOC finishes.  The hand painted interior depicts the flora and fauna of the region as it appears throughout the seasons.

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Status: Built
Location: Elfin Forest, CA, US


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