Mariusz Polski

Mariusz Polski

Delft, NL


Digital Art Pavilion

Digital art can be defined as a specific type of art, situated between pop culture and the fine arts. Main illustration for this concept is chosen location. Pavilion is situated at the edge of the Warsaw Scarp, between National Museum and the park green areas which were used since middle ages as Warsaw cultural open space. This location can be almost literally defined as an edge between art, culture and nature.
Slightly move from the urban crowded streets filled with pop culture and based on existing scarp revetment walls,  pavilion is creating metaphorical and actual boundary, firmly determining what belongs to the art world, leaving natural landscape of this historical sight practically untouched. Using lightweight steels structure covered by light  ETFE air pillow system, with selective reflective and opaque prints and controlling size of each pillow, author creates naturally active matrix of organic pixels, which is leading continuous dialogue with its surrounding and interpreting it at its own way. Potentiality  of an external and internal appearance based on technological solutions mixed with natural landscape input is straightly connected with promoted kind of art. Virtual environments, codes and scripts are often contemporary tools for artists, searching their inspirations in hidden rules of natural world. This way pavilion is becoming not only an example of promoted art but also artist expressing itself.

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Status: School Project
Location: Warsaw, PL

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