Mariusz Polski

Mariusz Polski

Delft, NL


Almere Pampus Transferium - MetaStable Prototype

Assembled by 4 person team along two weeks period and composed out of over 2000 customised elemnts, metastable prototype was a physical embodiment of ideas developed for Almere Rransferium Graduation design by Mariusz G. Polski.

Prototype merges together techniques od digital manufacturing such as LaserCutting, Vacume Forming and 3D Milling, in a coherent structural system that refelects meta-stable qualities of actual mentioned design. Parametric system feeds directly on information provided by simulation developed in Processing environment. Customised and at the same time modlar system of beams and conectors allowed designer to work with overwelming number of elements organised and prepared for fabrication already at the level od design process.

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Status: Built
My Role: Author


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