Mariusz Polski

Mariusz Polski

Delft, NL


Almere Pampus Transferium - MetaStable Atchitecture

Metastability is a term which describes the extended duration of certain equilibria acquired by a complex system when leaving its most stable state after an external action. The parameters of such “excited” system may eventually reach and hold stationary values (a metastable state) but then, after a long time, (spontaneously or under a slight external action) parameters will start changing again. Considering the contemporary technological level and multiple scientific insights into natural systems that reflects similar tendencies, it is not hard to imagine an open ended architectural design that across its life span reveals metastable qualities.

Even the most sophisticated building, designed in reference to a particular environment,  is not permanently suitable. First of all, due to the impact of the building on its environment, for which it was initially designed. Second, due to an unpredictable and dynamic field of external stimuli that might trigger changes in the environment.


Informational system developed for Almere Pampus Transferium assumes the absence of permanent stasis and operate onto metastable frames. An associated research incorporates computational mechanisms inspired by natural form emergence and evolution, not only in the design process, but also in its execution and evolution. Those mechanisms, while inspired by nature, do not necessary mimic its aesthetics. Their value is rather in providing effective and adjustable embodiments, whose emergence can be directly linked with the environment, initiating a mutual and continuous self-regulating feedback loop.

The application of developed informational systems in an architectural design goes in parallel with embodiments capable of handling fluctuating data flows.  Parametric structural system used in a building is a the same time modular and customised, which means that within its parametrical boundaries new extensions of the building required in time, can be automatically adjusted to current conditions and connected with the existing parts of the building.

  Main structure of the building is covered with single glazed facade that provides condition for functionalities where precise climate control is not required. Internal volumes, at the other hand, placed inside the main structural frames, provides advanced climate control for all sorts of potential activities. At the level where big and open spaces, created by main structural system, meats internal volumes curving particular fragments of interior for their own means, spatial negotiation occurs.

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Status: School Project
Location: Almere Pampus, NL
My Role: Author


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