Andrew Fastman

Andrew Fastman

Los Angeles, CA, US


Tramonto Drive Luxury Living, Pacific Palisades, CA

Due to the Ravello
Landslide in the late 60’s the
site on the bluffs above the
Pacific Ocean has never been
fully developed. The first
phase of the project entails a
mass remediation of the site
proper and portions of four
adjacent sites, raising and
recompacting grade a vertical
30’, returning it to pre slide
The development will
then set 54 luxury units over a
level and a half of parking.
Vehicles with the exception of
fire response will be routed
below grade providing a
uniquely pedestrian
experience. Eight buildings
will occupy the site, three of
which, on the uphill side of the
long flag-site, are three-level
townhouses. The Remaining
five buildings are three- and
four-level stacked flats. All
buildings are designed to
optimize ocean and panoramic
views from Malibu to Palos

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Status: Built
Location: Pacific Palisades, CA, US

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